Author: Brooke Thackray

Thackray Newsletter 2020 APRIL

Covid-19 infection rate analysis is going to make us all experts in analyzing graph curves. People on CNN are going to start talking about peak rates, inflection points, second derivative changes, skewness (ok maybe not second derivatives and skewness).

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Thackray Newsletter 2020 MARCH

Some investors are buying the dip (BTD), expecting a massive “V” shaped recovery. Good luck. The stock market may rally, but it probably will not zoom to all-time highs in the near future.

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Thackray Newsletter 2020 FEBRUARY

The stock market is not “immune” to a pullback in its favorable six-month period (October 28 to May 5). Pullbacks can happen at any time, but they have not happened as frequently in the favorable six-month period as they have in the other six-months of the year.

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