Thackray Newsletter 2019 December

Recession....what recession? It seems that not too long ago, in media interviews, almost every analyst was asked for their expected probability of a recession in the...

Thackray Newsletter 2019 November

You may not like economic background or stock market fundamentals. They may not “smell” right. Sometimes you have to hold your nose and follow your investment discipline.

Thackray Newsletter 2019 October

The stock market cheered the latest weak Nonfarm payroll report because it meant that the Federal Reserve was more likely to cut its federal funds rate at its next...

Thackray Newsletter 2019 September

For a long time, the stock market has had one major driver and many passengers: Momo stocks (momentum stocks, which are generally stocks that have outperformed over the...

Thackray Newsletter 2019 August

The two months of the year that would have been best to avoid over time in the stock market are August and September. From 1950 to 2018, the S&P 500 has lost, on...

Thackray’s 2019 Investor’s Guide

Brooke Thackray

Thackray’s 2019 Investor’s Guide

Brooke Thackray