Brooke Thackray – Research Analyst, Horizons ETFs (Canada) Inc.
Brooke Thackray is a research analyst with Horizons ETFs (Canada) Inc. He has over eighteen years experience in the investment industry. His strategies have been featured in newspapers and magazines, and he has been interviewed on radio and TV. Brooke Thackray is also President of alphaMountain Investments, a firm that publishes investment reports and books. The main goal of the publications is to use seasonal analysis to give investors and money managers an edge in the markets.

Work Experience
During his eighteen years in the investment industry, Brooke has worked for:

  • TD Waterhouse
  • National Bank
  • RBC Investments
  • Horizons Investment Management

In addition Brooke Thackray has an MBA and has achieved designations as a CIM and CFP.

Thackray’s 2019 Investor’s Guide